Fleeting Sleep

As I inhale, let my lungs be filled with you.
Let the blood in my veins course with recollections of us.
Let my body be filled with the times we shared
(the car rides, the stolen affection, the night my eyelashes kissed your skin as we lay on the leather couch immersed in the love between us)
Let my mind carry these snapshots and movies forever, always able to return to them effortlessly, as effortlessly as the happiness that would wash over me when you swept into the room.

[But] As I exhale, let fragments of these memories escape, stuck to my breath with longing and sadness.
Let them leave to release the pressure that has built up inside of me.
Let the space that I have filled with you for so long-
(the pieces of us that my muscles cling to, the moments I have buried deep within my rib cage, the way your skin felt imbedded in my fingertips)
empty out.

Let me breathe easy, as easily as I did when you were stretched out beside me,
our hands so intertwined

I doubted we’d ever be able to untangle them.

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