For you

My love for you is more than articulations and promises.
It is the squeeze of a hand.
It is my fingers running down your back and my lips meeting your neck,
a silent prayer that you will always be beside me to kiss.
It is the white lines of the scar on your arm.

My love is so much that it is physical,
filling me up and spilling out of
my pale palms onto your warm skin,
my eyes swimming in yours.
My heartbeat is paced by your words.

You are the knotted delight in the pit of my stomach
and the smile so bright it tugs my eyes upward in agreement.
I love you with the magnetism that is my head on your chest,
my body fitting itself into yours,
our hands always outstretched for the other’s, inextricably linked.

How I feel about you takes place in all five of my senses—
the smell of you is enough to slow my breath,
to induce a meditation that only true love could provide.
I love you fiercely and with no fear.
I love you with everything that I am, with every thought that I possess.
Like a destiny that can’t be ignored,
being in love with you is what I’ve been meant for all along.

My love for you is clearer than the most carefully worded sentence,
stronger than my arms wrapped around your waist.
It is entirely consuming and three-dimensional.
It is forever—
my soul knows no other way now.

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