One day you’ll wake up
with an arm draped over your chest,
haphazardly reigning in what it loves most
You’ll spend your days with the kind of love that makes you feel full,
(but not the kind like after you eat too much cheesecake at Christmas and your tummy puffs out over your tights that laid flat just a few hours ago or maybe exactly that kind because what’s
better than cheesecake at Christmas)

(And) Even though right now your heart is thumping its cage like a prisoner
trying to deny that its key has been thrown away,
One morning you’ll brush your teeth and the foamy paste will spill over
your lips which are accidentally cracked into a smile
that you barely notice because-
Doesn’t it belong there?

(Or) Maybe
One night after a long run,
the kind that tricks you into thinking there are little splinters under the tightly-stretched skin of your calves,
You’ll collapse on the floor of your apartment that’s probably a little dirty
and release a breath that is both a sigh and the content realization that
you are loved.
You always have been-
Haven’t you?

(I guess) You should know:
for every night you fall asleep uneasy,
your forehead wrinkles filled with that nauseous pain of bad news and bad thoughts,
there will be more nights when you slip away
loose, sprawled out breathing through your mouth with the
effortless comfort of an arm draped over your chest,
haphazardly reigning in what it loves most.

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