Other Published Works

Thought Catalog:
It’s Ok To Be 22

I Finally Stopped Writing Poems About My Boyfriend

Real Talk Mag:
Proof of God


Never Just Fat

Nothing But Hookups: Why Being Single in College is Overrated

Flawless: Why Everyone Is (Or Should Be) Obsessed With Beyonce

Why Living At Home Is The Best and Worst Thing To Do

Dump the Diet, Change Your Life: How To Get Healthy the Right Way

It’s Time To Stop Defining Yourself By What Size You Wear

Dollars and Sense: 5 Tips for Saving Money After College

4 Empowering Slam Poems You Need To Hear Right Now

Slow It Down: Why You Should Schedule Less and Relax More

22 Things You Realize By 22

The F Bomb: What the Way We Share Viral Videos Can Teach Us About Feminism

Exploring Ecuador — A blog inspired by a service trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador. Explores social justice issues within the country including economic, environmental, and women’s issues.

The Fairhaven/Acushnet Advocate — A local weekly paper where I’ve published both feature and news stories.

The Dartmouth/Westport Chronicle — Another local weekly newspaper where I’ve done work in both feature and news.

New Bedford Guide: 5 Things I’ve Learned About Smoking from My Post-Grad Job

Pathfinder International: Moved to Advocate

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